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Where is the correct location for a carbon monoxide alarm?

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Where is the correct location for a carbon monoxide alarm in my house? 

BS EN 50292:2013 states that carbon monoxide alarms should be fitted in:

  • CO alarms should be placed in the same room as fuel-burning appliances (either wall or ceiling mounted) – such as an open fire, gas cooker or boiler
  • Rooms where people spend the most time – such as living rooms
  • Additional alarms can be located in bedrooms, relatively close to the breathing zone of the occupants.
  • Any room that has a flue running through it
  • They should be at least 300 mm from any wall (for ceiling mounted alarms)
  • At least 150 mm from the ceiling, above the height of any door or window (for wall mounted alarms)
  • Between 1 and 3 m (measured horizontally) from the potential source of CO.

The British Standard EN 50292 standard also recommends that an alarm is not fitted:

  • Where it can be obstructed
  • In an enclosed space
  • Directly above a sink
  • Next to a door, window, extractor fan, air vent or similar ventilation opening
  • Where the temperature may exceed 40 ºC or drop below –5 ºC.

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