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Tenant Finding

Tenant Finding

One key to success as a buy to let investor in London is finding the right tenant.

We set our service up to ensure that we fill our landlords’ properties with the most suitable tenants, this ensures that the property is filled quickly and that we can minimise future potential issues. To do this, we begin by listing your property on our website.

This direct marketing approach allows us to deal directly with the prospective client and provide them with a viewing of the property. If they are happy, we will move on to ensure suitability by starting the referencing process.

Welcome at Home - Tenant Finding
Tenants History

Applicant’s History

Pay Ability

Ability to Pay

Adverse History

No Adverse History

Credit Check

Credit Check

Our referencing process checks the applicant’s history and also their ability to pay. We approach previous letting agents to ensure that there is no adverse history. We also carry out a credit check and affordability checks to ensure that the tenant can keep up the ongoing costs on the property. If these checks are satisfied, we will then take a holding deposit that we will protect with the UK’s Deposit Protection Scheme – which is required by law.

Once we receive a holding deposit, we will have the client sign the tenancy agreement and start the moving process.

Before moving day, we ensure that the property is cleaned and arrange a tenancy check-in to make sure there are no last-minute issues. On moving day, we’ll meet with the tenant and carry out a thorough inventory of the property. This inventory provides a detailed look at the state of the property on moving day and the condition we will expect it to be returned in at the end of the tenancy.

We keep these records for use at the end of tenancy check out, where property damage or missing items are accounted for and deducted from the holding deposit if necessary.