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Property Finding

Property Finding

London Investment Property

As one of the world’s most sought-after cities, London offers fantastic opportunities for investors looking for both short-term and long-term letting opportunities, but with a vast area to choose from, it’s tough to make the right choice.

Our experienced, multi-lingual team have years of experience tracking down properties for Italian investors based either in the UK or abroad.
Our initial assessment with you will help us narrow our search – perhaps you have a specific property type in mind or features that are important – such as proximity to schools. Whatever your requirements, we can help to find your ideal property in London.

Welcome at Home - Property Finding
Welcome at Home - Property Finding

Investment Property In London For Sale

Our team will search the market through a variety of estate agents and private sellers to compile a list of the most suitable properties using your requirements as guidance. We ensure that your budget is strictly adhered to, ensuring that you pay the right price for the right property.

As we are not estate agents, we focus our interest on the right deal for you, the investor. As the UK’s estate agents are not legally bound to work in the interests of the buyer, our team support the buying process, ensuring that the negotiated price is good and that the sale progresses smoothly and quickly.

Buy To Let Property Finding

As well as locating properties with the right rental yield potential and suitability, our team can also help investors by managing the sales process. We can assist with negotiation, conveyancing and all the legal aspects involved in purchasing a buy to let property in London.

Once the property is purchased, we can then take over with the property management, getting the property dressed quickly so you can get your first tenant in as quickly as possible.