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Maintenance And Renovation

Maintenance And Renovation

Investment Property Maintenance

Rental properties sometimes require maintenance to keep their fixtures and fittings in peak condition.

Our team are on hand to ensure that buy to let property maintenance is carried out as smoothly as possible. We work with several local, trusted contractors who can carry out the various types of maintenance that is required in your investment property. From plumbers to electricians and locksmiths to decorators, we have an extensive list of businesses we work with. As well as providing expert help, these businesses also offer preferential rates that we can pass on to you.

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Rental Property Renovation

If your investment property needs renovation, our team can manage the entire project to ensure that your ideas and budget are met.

We can provide regular updates to you – wherever you are based – and ensure that the project is being carried on time and to the level expected. Our experience working with local contractors ensures that projects are completed quickly, meaning you get the finish you need and minimise vacancy time, this ensures that you receive an optimal yield on your investment. We take care of the entire project to ensure that your property gets the care and attention that it deserves.

Property Decoration And Dressing

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to profitable investment property. Our team can arrange pre-tenancy decoration and property dressing to facilitate a quick turnaround and get your first tenant through the door as quickly as possible.

We can also schedule maintenance and decoration between tenancies if needed. This ensures that the home is returned to rentable condition and vacancies are minimised. We can also manage deductions from deposits if damage has occurred and use these funds to make repairs.